AdZe´s Astrology links Innumerables enlaces relativos a la astrología. Para "profesionales" de la misma. Toda suerte de servicios.
Alchemilla Medical Alchemilla Medical Journal. The Practice of Ancient Medicine and Astrology.
Alchemist´s Garret Parush´s HomePage: At this site you can find information encouraging the Preservation, Research and Dessemination of classical and contemporary Hermetic Science: Specifically Alchemy (speculative and practical), and also Qabala and Magick
Alchemy resources Recursos relacionados con la Alquimia Hermética: textos, imágenes y símbolos.
ALCHEMY WEB SITE The alchemy web site and virtual library. Interesante web con información sobre todas las facetas de la alquimia: textos, bibiliografía, hiperenlaces, etc.Hay secciones sobre el hermetismo (también en castellano).
Alchimie ALCHIMIE.SPAGYRIE.FUSION FROIDE.Toute réaction nucléaire naturelle de transmutation à rendement élevé est le résultat d'une synergie de réactions nucléaires endoénergétiques et exoénergétiques.
Archetypal Astrology Jung y la Astrología (algunos enlaces)
Astrologia Astrologia.Soul-Centered Astrology
Astrología en español Alba de Hermes.Curso de Astrología. Librería esotérica. Enlaces astrológicos. Welcome to Astrological.Net. Here you will find information on astrology, articles, private sessions and reports, free astrology goodies, and more.
AZOGUE Revista electrónica dedicada al estudio de la Alquimia.
Chthonios Books Chthonios Books was established in 1985 to provide serious scholarly materials for people doing research into western esoteric traditions.If you’re interested you can browse some background material and a historical approach to these traditions by following these links : Ancient Philosophy and Neoplatonism / Ancient Religion and Paganism / Theurgy / Early Christianity and Gnostic
Esonet Il primo Network Esoterico Italiano. Esonet è il primo Network italiano interamente dedicato allo studio ed all'approfondimento degli antichi Insegnamenti Iniziatici che Grandi Maestri e Realizzati di ogni tempo e luogo hanno messo a disposizione dell'umanità, affinchè coloro che desiderano percorrere coscientemente il Sentiero della crescita spirituale possano trovare un aiuto e dei fratelli con i quali condividere il Cammino.
Esoterism Search Engine Search Engine
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Esoteric Publishing We offer new and innovative books on Esoteric Philosophy and the Ageless Wisdom. Please explore our articles on Esoteric Philosophy, examine our extensive link list, and preview our esoteric books
Esoterismo Il Trigono Edizioni. Il primo e più importante sito italiano dedicato all'Esoterismo, New Age, Scienze delle Spirito.
Francophonie Annuaire de la Francophonie Religieuse et Spirituelle 
Galaecia Arcana Galaecia Arcana Philosophorum. Página de encuentro e información 
de los Filósofos de la Naturaleza y Alquimistas de Galicia. Escritos e investigaciones. Textos y bibliografía, Lugares de encuentro. Iniciación hermética.
Gnostic Society For over fifty years The Gnostic Society in Los Angeles has sponsored activities dedicated to furthering an understanding of Gnosis and Gnosticism, Jungian psychology, Kabbalah, mythology, and other subjects related to Gnosticism.
Golden Elixir THE GOLDEN ELIXIR. A Website on Chinese Alchemy. The Golden Elixir is an introduction to some facets of the history and doctrines of Chinese alchemy. It consists of a collection of articles, primary sources, bibliographic tools and other materials. This page provides direct access to all documents. If you want to read short descriptions of each item, follow the links to the main sections of this website on the left column. 
Magic bibliography Magic Bibliographies and Resources. John-Gabriel Bodard.These bibliographies so far contain only a few works which I have consulted for my PhD research into ancient Greek perceptions of magic. The content inevitably reflects my interests (particularly archaic and classical Greek literary sources).
Mystical Internet The Mystical Internet. Robin´s Links to the Mystical Internet. Mystical Shareware and Freeware. The Mystical linls list (gran cantidad de enlaces relacionados con lo oculto)
Mystical WWW Bastantes enlaces a sitios esotéricos.
Mysticism Who´s Who in the History of Mysticism. Pre-Christian Mysticis and Influences on Mysticism.Christian Mystics and Movements. Mediaeval (Catholic and Orthodox) Church. Non-Catholic. Christian Mystics (16th-18th century). Jewish Mysticism.Islamic Mysticism.
Mysticism in World Religions Mysticism is concerned with the nature of reality, the individual's struggle to attain a clear vision of reality, and the transformation of consciousness that accompanies such vision. This site explores the mystical traditions of six religions by comparing and contrasting quotations drawn from their respective literatures
New Age Esoteric Web Link Esoteric Web Link Index. 816 Good Places To Go. Filed under 42 Categories : Alchemy, Alternative Medicine ,...,Vedanta, Women´s Spirituality.
Occult Archive The Occult Archive at the Lysator site is mainly concerned with Thelema, Tantra, Chaos Magick and general Ceremonial Magick.
Rota Solis Rota Solis. Tradition & Sciences Traditionnelles. Liens Intéressants. Sites généraux: Saint-Graal Alchimie Spiritualité Celtisme Catharisme Mythologie Mysticisme Néopaganisme Religions Initiation
Spagyria The spagyric method is probably the oldest and most potent way of preparing botanical medicine known to man. Spagyric products are not mass produced, instead proper manipulation of the spagyric process can only be found in the ancient and holistic Art of Alchemy. It all begins with the three-fold spagyric operation of separation, purification, and cohobation on the Three Essentials of the alchemist known as Body, Soul, and Spirit.
Spirit Network Spirituality. Esoteric and Paranormal. Wellness. This multi-denominational site is dedicated to Spirit. It is intended to provide a vehicle in which we may all pool our resources in order to spread love and light throughout the universe with the knowledge Spirit shares with us and the knowledge we share with others.
SpiritWeb Comprehensive Spiritual Web-Site Promoting Alternative Spiritual Consciousness (Encuesta del mes: Cuando crees que los extraterrestres se manifestarán públicamente a los humanos?)
Spirituality Spiritual Oriented / Metaphysical and Alternative Views / Institutes and Commercial Sites / Magic and Pagan Issues / Related Mailings Lists /Misc. Helpful Cyber-Sites / Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Transmutar Transmutar. Centro alquímico de Buenos Aires.
Zenit Ermetismo Pagine sulla Masoneria, i simboli, l´ermetismo e l´esoterismo. Numerosos textos y estudios sobre estos temas (interesantes)